A Day at Wilderness

Our Wilderness Camps are divided into Tripping and Base Camps. Tripping camps travel each day either by Canoe or Bike while our Base Camps stay on our Wilderness Site, what we call, "Site Two".

Bike and Tent

Our Campers hit the road and bike an average of 20km a day throughout the county. Camp is set up each night at one of Haldimand Norfolk's fine Campgrounds.

Canoe Trip

Campers hop in our fleet of Canoes and spend the week travelling the Grand River from Cambridge to Caledonia. It is a lot of fun but a huge challenge, especially the daunting Oxbow.

Base Camps (Junior and Intermediate Wilderness)

While the main attraction is living in the rustic surroundings, sleeping in tents and cooking on the fire, our Wilderness Campers also get to experience many of the great Ryerson standards like worship and session around the firepit with a special focus on creation. Also, there are lots of exciting activities unique to our wilderness programs:

  • Wilderness Skills (Compass work, Fire lighting, Shelter building)
  • Nature Hikes
  • Pond Study
  • Trip to the Turkey Point Beach
  • Canoe Day Trip
  • Wild and Crazy games unique to Wilderness

Girls’ Wilderness (ages 13-15)

Come join us for an over the top outdoor sleepover. This new wilderness week is just for girls. You will get to play action packed games, cook over the fire, hang out at the beach and sleep in tents.