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Ryerson Camp Offers Both Main Site and Wilderness Adventures!

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We offer Main Site Camps for campers of all ages! These camps take place on our (you guessed it..) main site! Campers will sleep in our cabins, eat meals in the Dining Hall, play games in centre field and gather for session in the Craft Shack. Campers have the opportunity to swim daily in the beautiful Lake Erie. We finish off each night around the main campfire where we sing silly songs and watch fun skits!

Our Wilderness camps offer some of the same great activities as Main Site camps but instead of sleeping in cabins on Main Site you sleep in Cabents (Army Grade Tents) on our Wilderness Site which is just down the lane from Main Site. Campers and staff will cook meals around a campfire, play games in Wilder-field and spend time exploring the trails of Ryerson Camp. We also spend some of our days out on the river canoeing, at the beach or at a near by pond for pond study!

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