Welcome to Ryerson Camp!

Welcome to Ryerson Camp on the WEB! Enjoy your stay. Take a look around. Here you can find all the information you'll need to get ready for an absolutely CAMP-TASTIC summer experience. On this site you will find lots of information about Ryerson Camp, how to attend and how to get involved in helping this community continue to thrive. Don't hesitate to contact the camp. See you soon!

When you enter this site, the beauty of the grounds with the view of Lake Erie quickly makes you relax and feel like you're in a special place. When you discover the trails, activities, crazy games and adventures Ryerson offers, you KNOW you're in a special place. At the centre of everything, is our sense that God is active and close, fuelling staff and campers with love, passion and purpose. We hope you can be part of Ryerson this summer!

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365 awesome campers. Theme game with Dr. Grim. Youth canoe trip. Mud pit. Water slide during sponge wars. Repelling the Xaxon invasion. So You Think You can Dance. Our first Munchkin camp. Xaxo. The hot tub lifeguard skit. Family Camp. Football. New mountain bike trails. The Institute company picnic. Urban Hymns. Beach day. Ninja training. Bike & Tent. Danielle & the Lion's Den. Captain Nobody. Love is the greatest superpower. Called to adventure. Called to serve. Jesus You're My Superhero.


Ryerson would like to thank our wonderful community of supporters and all those who participated in celebrating our 90th anniversary on June 14, 2014. It was a great, sunny day full of activities, speakers, worship and friends old and new. We continue to be amazed at the way God continues to bless us. We were reminded that there is space for everyone at Ryerson, space for God, and room to imagine the great possibilities of what can happen in the next 90 years!

The Mission of Ryerson Camp is to supplement the work of churches through providing a rich community experience in which we share the Biblical message of Jesus Christ through working to:
  • Show People their value in God's Sight
  • Lay Spiritual foundations for life following Christ
  • Encourage, Challenge and equip people for an ongoing life serving Christ